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Music - Images - Poetry to watch … to read … to listen 





SUMMER-DREAMS, Image-music-installation, musician Edgardo Tapia

WIRRWARR, poetry-photo-collage 

STERNENPFERDE DURCH' BLAU, poetry & music, musician Ra-Ta Kundamoon


I have a constant love affair
for some years
with music.
It is growing and growing
endlessly like the
waves of the sea,
big as a huge mountain.
A love affair
between songs and my fibers
deeply connecting
my heart to myself.
A way back home
to mother earth and father sun,
to the universal pulsation.
Riding on waves of
melodies and rhythms
to my deepest self,
nameless, timeless,
ever existing.
Surfing inside myself
on waves of love
into every single cell of my body,
every neutron of my mind,
giving birth to a profound
love of life,
beyond the love of other human beings,
a love of myself
as I am
in my deepest self,
related to the universe.

- Music is meditation -


Gabriela Rosa da Silva