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- Born and raised in Germany

- At the age of 17 first experiences with photography, writing, dancing and travelling regularly to Paris

- Studies in german and french litterature in Hannover & Berlin, graduated by writing about "Litterature diary of Anais Nin"

- Attracted by french surrealism and german romantic epoch, she began to write and work on  photography searching for deeper reality. Further influences : Impressionism and Dadaism

- Living for some time in Brazil, discovering the "country of her soul"

- Constant work in art, engaged in multimedia events - exhibitions, lectures, performances -

- Actually member of UPP , France ("Union des photographes et Auteurs Professionnels) and SAIF ("Société des Auteurs des Arts visuels et de l'Image fixe ", France)

- In 2001 settled down in Paris, she studied in "SPEOS - Photographic Institute Paris" with Georges Févre and Paolo Reversi as teachers and graduated in 2004.

- Member of “Fountainhead Tanz Theatre XXVO” – “Black International Cinema”, Berlin since 2009

- Member of “Galerie für Fotografie Winter”, Hannover, 2010

- Member of « Association des photographes et cinéastes de la Danse européenne APCDE » Paris, 2008 - 2009

- Member of “gallery twenty-four” Paris – Berlin, 2006 – 2007

- Member of “Photographes Parisiens", 2002 – 2004

- Member of "Galerie Dino da Vinci", Hannover 1999 – 2001

- Creation of "Association ESPRIT 21" to promote the values of the 21st century in creative, culture and healing work, depuis 2001

- International exhibitions, publications in magazines and work as free lance photographer specialized in dance, music and theatre photograph.

- Working with photography, illustration, texts and multi-cultural events "

- Being passionate about healing and dance, she studied and certificated in Yoga, dance therapy (Biodanza), Pilates, Sound & Ayurvedic wellness Massages.

- Researching to connect her yoga-dance-healing work with art: dance of life - art of living.

- She is searching new ways in her art in installtation and happening, creating projects with other artists.

- Actually she is living in Paris and Berlin.

- Member UPP (Union des photographes professionelles /auteurs de la France)

- Member SAIF (Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l’Image Fixe)

Numéro de Siret : 483 915 047 00011

Actually :

- Creation of "Ecological theatre" in collaboration with the german paintor Katharina von Saalfeld

- "Music & poetry evening" 30 of january 2015, Maison verte, Paris avec Edgardo Tapis, Chili